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•9:00 AM
Deb of Missives from Suburbia is hilarious. Plus, she's famous: she was recently on The Today Show. So you probably do want to be her friend, or at least one of her stalkers (keep it virtual; she has many large dogs). Deb contributed today's Scavenger Hunt request: What is your favorite cliché, and why?

A cliché is "a trite or overused expression," according to The Free Dictionary. My very most favorite cliché is "beyond a shadow of a doubt," for reasons that probably only long-time Mormons would understand. So I'll go with my second favorite: "Well, it's better than a sharp stick in the eye."

Why am I fond of this one? Because it's true; just about anything is better than a sharp stick in the eye. Except a plastic sword in the eye, as Christian accidentally found out yesterday, courtesy of Sir Daniel the Intrepid.

Other clichés often heard at the Perkins Corrall:

You don't have to like it; you just have to eat it.
Speak of the devil, and he shall appear.
Bring it on, Grandpa!
Santa, you're scaring me.
You can do hard things.
Dude, talk to the hand.
What the heck?
Did you want to heat/cool the whole neighborhood?
You said 'pie!'
Your shoe/book/ponytail holder didn't just fall into a wormhole; keep looking until you find it.

What, some of those aren't familiar to you? I can't imagine why not. They are all very useful shorthand for whole conversations; by all means adopt some as your own, if you like.
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On 14/11/07 , Avery Gray said...

My favorite cliche has to be "because I said so." If it wasn't my favorite, why would I say it so much?! ;o)

On 14/11/07 , Tristi Pinkston said...

Well, it doesn't fall into the realm of the standard cliche, but one of my favs is, "Will you just stop that?"

Yes, I have four children . . .

On 14/11/07 , Luisa Perkins said...

Avery, that is an egregious omission from my own list. My kids will even say it to each other: "Because Mom said so." Thanks!

On 14/11/07 , Dedee said...

This post got me laughing on for number of reasons (the long time Mormon thing applies here.)

I also love the fact that I am reading a blog that can correctly use the word egregious in a sentence. Happy days!

On 14/11/07 , Melissa said...

"Wait, I think I hear the fat lady," is a personal favorite, though many people don't understand it. Also, "I can read you like an open book" comes into play all the time. And an oldie but goodie is "Well, you haven't looked everywhere because you haven't looked where it (shoe, book, hairbrush, kitten) is." The first two are mostly for use between my dearly beloved and me. The last comes into daily (read hourly) conversation.

On 14/11/07 , Kimberly said...

I'm taking notes.

On 14/11/07 , Goofball said...

You said "pie"???? in which context is that used?

Somehow I can't picture you saying "dude talk to the hand" :p; (maybe because I learned this expression from Australians and I don't picture you with a heavy Austrialian accent"

On 14/11/07 , Alice said...

"Bring it on, Grandpa" is one sort of like our family's favorite, "Bring it on Grandma." This one was conjured up at the start of a cousin vs. Grandma Caroline arm wrestling match. Quite funny actually.

On 14/11/07 , archshrk said...

Most of the cliches around our house are actually movie quotes or lines from songs. I'm sure I'll start using more of yours once my son is born.

On 14/11/07 , Annette Lyon said...

"Shadow of a doubt" had be rolling.

I'll have to be sure to adopt that wormhole one--that's a goodie.

On 14/11/07 , Radioactive Jam said...

Wish I'd known about the wormhole one while our kids were still young and-- wait.

That will still work, won't it.


Also I like your second first choice. Or is it your first second choice? ... Gaah!

On 15/11/07 , Brillig said...

Yup. Shadow of a doubt. Classic. And I still have the old mission manual--the one that tells missionaries to STOP SAYING THAT. Um.... I don't think they stopped...

I hope Christian's eye is okay. And Daniel the Intrepid? HAHAHAHA.

Fun list, of course! I do wonder about the "pie" one too... Huh?

On 15/11/07 , Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I was wondering about the pie thing, too... hmmm...

BTW... I got a couple of days behind on reading!

Hope all the nablopomo and nanowrimo stuff is ROCKIN'

On 15/11/07 , Christine said...

I don’t know if these are really clichés but they are definitely “very useful shorthand for whole conversations” at our house;

“Popsicle rule” started one CA summer when popsicles were WAY over-requested. It means the more you continue asking for a particular thing the LESS likely you will be to receive it.

“Because I’m mean and I said so.” Admittedly a variation on the standard ‘said-so’ line, but my kids have yet to find a good rebuttal.
“Why?” “because I‘m mean”
“You’re not mean.” “Do you want me to prove it to you?”
“You’re SOOO mean.” “I just said that.”

I am definitely going to use Melissa’s fat lady one! Very funny!

On 15/11/07 , Christine said...

I just asked my daughter if she could think of any others in our family. She said "ONE!!" (spoken by Mom in a stern voice, occasionally followed by "TWO!" but virtually never followed by "THREE!")

On 15/11/07 , Catherine said...

I love them all! :)

On 17/11/07 , dawn said...

One of the ones around here is a reply to do you know where ? is. When they were young and I got exasperated, I started saying in my nicest voice, "No, but the next time I play with (use, wear) it, I will put it back where it belongs". Sirdar even stopped asking if I had seen his keys. It was pretty funny when they came in and asked if I had seen C. "No, but the next time I play with her, I will put her back where I found her".