Author: Luisa Perkins
•4:49 PM
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Author: Luisa Perkins
•11:19 AM
I am frustrated to report that there seems to be a problem with the recipe titles in some copies of Comfortably Yum. The proof copy that I initially received was fine, but when I ordered a big box full of copies for Leonora to sell at The Country Goose, one copy out of the twenty had illegible titles. Since then, I've gotten reports from five friends whose copies have similar problems.

I am so sorry about this. If you have received an imperfect copy, please let me know so that I can complain (further and even more vociferously than I already have). If you ordered it through CreateSpace, here's a link that will let you order a replacement copy. If you ordered it through Amazon, click here to get a new copy sent to you.