Author: Luisa Perkins
•9:52 AM
Today's post topic is brought to you by Christine. Christine is a close personal friend of mine, and also happens to be the stalwart mother of the award-winning Torie of the War Hammer. Though she does not blog herself, Christine is that rara avis who recognizes how welcome comments are to the blogger. She's great.

Christine asked, "What would you do if you knew you only had five more years left to live?"

After going through the Kübler-Ross stages of grief, I don't think I'd change very much at all about my life. I'm no paragon, but I do think my life is pretty great the way it is. (Delusion can be a wonderful thing.)

And maybe the silver lining would be that it would give me an angle with marketing my novels. "Dear Agent, I only have five years to live. Please consider my manuscript for publication before I go the way of all flesh...." Hmmmm.

* I've been wanting to use that line as a post title ever since I first heard The Shins' "Australia." Today seemed as good a day as any.
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On 19/11/07 , Radioactive Jam said...

Saw this line on the recently discovered weblog of one Stella Devine:
'unlimited Dodo ADSL connection'.

That's almost enough to make me want to move to Hobart.

On 19/11/07 , Goofball said...

is that a picture from Alice in Wonderland?

I didn't know a Dodo , don't know Alice in Wonderland either, but I have recently visited Oxford, UK and there I've seen the original candy store from Alice in Wonderland and the only preserved stuffed Dodo in the Oxford museum.

On 19/11/07 , meleah rebeccah said...


If I only had 5 years left to live, the first thing Id do is QUIT MY JOB (and then Id write my book)

On 19/11/07 , christine said...

My reactions abound (I’ll have to number them)…..
1. I’ll just assume the Dodo reference has NOTHING to do with me personally, although one of the definitions of 'rara avis' –I looked it up. I admit it.- included the term “strange bird”. Or maybe it does apply, “but in a good way”.
- I’ve NEVER wanted to be the average bird!

2. Thank you for giving me the web address to my daughter’s blog.
(she and I will discuss that later.)
2b. The smart ones ARE difficult to raise, you know.

3. “a close personal friend”, “stalwart mother”, “great” I will definitely have to write these descriptions in my journal for dimmer days! Thank you.

4. I kind of thought your answer would be something like that. You have a rare quality of, for the most part, being quite content with the framework of your life. That is a great and admirable quality! But that 5yr thing is a question I need to ask myself more often. IF I only had a matter of weeks or months- I’d probably drop most everything in my life and fully focus on some sort of legacy/memory for/with my children. But with 5years… kids still need to go to school, cars still need to be repaired, bills still have to be paid, life still goes on -so to speak. But what would I deeply regret including or not including in the time-log of my life at the end of the next 5 yrs, especially if that was all the time I had left?? Hhhmmmm….

Lastly, I wouldn’t tell your agent. They might figure some way to wait out the 5yrs and try not to pay anyone for it. (Do you know a good copyright lawyer?)

On 19/11/07 , christine said...

PS I have already given up computer solitaire for the rest of my life because of this very question. (solitaire sober since Sept 1, 2006)

On 19/11/07 , Julie Wright said...

I love your answer . . . it's filled with the contentment of one living a good life. Three cheers for delusion. I think my answer would be similar with one caveat . . . I would definitely quit my day job!

On 19/11/07 , Kimberly said...

That question got me thinking. A lot. I'd like to progress to the point where my answer would be the same as yours.

On 19/11/07 , Alice said...

Ha! That idea for getting your book published made me laugh. That could be used in so many other situations as well. "Mom, I only have 5 years to live. I'd rather not do my chores today."

On 19/11/07 , anjmae said...

Seeing as I would loe to live in your blog, I see no reason why you would change your life in any way. Well said.

On 19/11/07 , painted maypole said...

what a great answer! hmmm... now I am thinking...

On 20/11/07 , Luisa Perkins said...

RaJ-Fer sure. I'm all over that action.

Goofball-I'm so jealous! I'd love to visit Oxford.

Meleah-Write the book NOW! What I've read of it is so VERY good.

Christine-I am VERY proud of your sobriety. Awesome! And no--the dodo was in reference to ME, not you. And yikes--I hope Torie doesn't get mad at me now.

Julie-Thanks! Yeah, can't quit my day job. Or my night job. But that's a good thing.

Kim-I heart you.

Anj-And I heart you, too.

PM-Will your thoughts come forth in a Monday Musing, or something along those lines? Hoping....

On 20/11/07 , Jen of A2eatwrite said...

It's great to be in that place.

I'm not sure about that marketing strategy, though. ;-)

On 21/11/07 , Sirdar said...

If I only had 5 years to live...I'd be trying to drive every exotic car out there. I can't afford them but maybe I could show my puppy eyes and they would feel sorry for me. If not the car thing...them maybe I would change my life completely the way I want it. Hmmm...maybe I could do that anyway....

On 22/11/07 , dawn said...

I wouldn't change much, but I would want to do more scrap booking and writing info down for my kids. I find that I don't take enough time for that, or I didn't until I started blogging, so some stuff, day to day is written down.