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•10:31 AM
I've received intelligence that certain of my relatives are hankering for news of the kids. Following are a few tasty treats for that (silent, but crucial) portion of my readership.

1) The Big Three have their piano recital this Saturday. Christian is playing Satie's "Gymnopedie No. 1," James is playing "Tango in E-Flat" from John Thompson's fifth book, and Hope is playing a sonatina by Biehl. Here's I just wrote and sent to their teacher for the program bios.:

Christian Perkins is 13 years old; he starts high school in the fall. So far he is navigating the treacherous waters of teenage life quite gracefully. He loves reading and rock and roll. He hates cleaning out the cat box, but he does it every day because he's very, very good.

James Perkins looks forward to starting middle school this September; he is 10 years old. He has been a valuable member of his Little League baseball team this season, saving more than one game with his mad hitting and fielding skills. James is an ardent Mets fan and takes it personally when they lose. He enjoys playing air guitar on his trusty aluminum bat.

Hope Perkins is fascinated with all types of undersea life. She is eight years old and just finishing up second grade. Her immediate goal is to read all the Harry Potter books before the seventh one is published in July. Manhattan is Hope's favorite place in the whole world, and she hopes to live there again someday.

2) More Cowgirl!
Tess's birthday was Sunday. Here she is in Patrick's Pioneer Pa hat and her fabulous new boa. It makes her feel very Eloise, dahling.

Her post-op check-up with the dapper Dr. S. went very well yesterday; her eyes are doing better than he expected. We'll be patching her right eye two hours per day for the next two months. Tess doesn't mind, since Dr. S. suggested she play computer games while she has her patch on.

3) Favorite Toys of the Moment:
Daniel has decided that Anakin is actually a Daniel Doll. The action figure formerly known as Captain John Smith (of Pocahontas fame) has morphed into a representation of Patrick. Daddy and Daniel have been having many adventures together this week. Here they are after having vanquished the Evil Lucite Rattlesnake: father-son bonding at its best.

4) Grammar Fascista--The Next Generation:

Christian (surveying blossoming roses in the front yard): It's great that the deers haven't bothered them at all this year. (I promise you: he really does know better.)

Hope (before I could say anything): Christian! The plural of 'deer' does not have an 's' at the end!

Christian (looking from Hope to me in astonishment): Mom! It's like there are two of you!

All I could do was beam at Hope.
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On 7/6/07 , Amanda1 said...

Cute story! ha ha...

Sounds like you have lots going on!

On 7/6/07 , rjlight said...

You have some smart kids -- advanced. Are there b-days coming up?

On 7/6/07 , Radioactive Jam said...

Will you continue to beam when she catches you off-guard and offers similar correction?

I'm thinking yes.

And I know it's been several days at least - maybe a week, even - since you altered your page-top picture, but I did notice the change. Looks good!

On 7/6/07 , Jenna said...

This is weird because I have had a spell of blogger's block and received some similar info that family members are wondering about what the kids are up to...

I always love hearing about yours. Wish I could be sitting next to you beaming at the piano recital. I remember fondly early morning practice while I was slowly waking up in the (old) den.

On 7/6/07 , Anonymous said...

I love Hope! (And Christian, and James, and Tess, and Daniel!) What lovelies you have. I hope you are blowing up the picture of Tess in the hat and framing it. Too cute.
So happy about Tess's eye surgery. Can't wait til the end of the patching.

On 8/6/07 , Luisa Perkins said...

RJL--Thanks! Christian turns 14 in late November. James turns 11 in mid-October. Hope's eighth birthday was in February. Tess and Daniel just celebrated their sixth and third birthdays, respectively.

RaJ--Yes, I absolutely will beam. As you imply, I'm sure it's a case of 'when,' not 'if.'