Author: Luisa Perkins
•9:43 AM
That's "Happy Birthday" transliterated into Cyrillic! And here are the Fab Five, singing "Happy Birthday" to one of their dearest pals.

Ten years ago yesterday a beautiful little girl was born in a faraway, formerly Communist country. We didn't meet her until almost seven months later, when two of our best friends brought her home to New York City as their own. We lived five blocks from each other for years until we moved to the country in the summer of 2001. Now we don't see each other very often; but when we do, it's always a party.

This lovely family is cautious about its privacy, so I won't disclose names or post photos, but we are thrilled to celebrate with them a decade of The Divine Miss N. Since we couldn't be together, I thought we'd stage a virtual party in N's honor.

If her stylish and kind parents, her baby sister, Princess S, and N were here, first we'd play dress-up. N is crazy about pirates. Here's a photo of Christian as Captain Jack Sparrow:

N also has a deep love for The Wizard of Oz. Here's Tess dressed as Dorothy:
Next we'd bake some party treats:
and make N a bouquet of yard flowers: She loves crafty projects, so we'd roll up our sleeves and get to work:

Of course, there would be homemade chocolate cake dusted with gold (and with 10 candles instead of 4):
Eventually, the Mighty Pathfinder would have to load up our guests and transport them back to the City, but we'd have a whale of a time until then.

We are so glad to know you, dear Miss N! And we all wish you many happy returns of the day!
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On 14/6/07 , Brillig said...

Awww, what a neat tribute to their dear friend!!! Great post. What a party it would be!

On 14/6/07 , Amanda1 said...

Happy birthday!

On 14/6/07 , Kara said...

Ooh. Yummy! I know that delicious cake. Happy birthday, N!

BTW, my birthday's coming up soon. I think there's a space on the counter, right over there, where a chocolate, gold dusted cake would look mighty nice...

On 14/6/07 , nfam said...

N's reaction to today's Feature Presentation: "My friends have all grown so much," and, "Wow, I'm really lucky. Thanks." Indeed.

It's no surprise that we're card-carrying life members of The Perkinses of Cold Spring Fan Club, what with all the perks (pun acknowledged) of membership. We offer heartfelt spasibas for the fantacular birthday blog party. What a treat! What a surprise!! What a virtual blowout!!! And the Cyrillic font post title: way cool. Hope to journey north to your welcoming door very soon for some in-person partaying.

On 14/6/07 , borat said...

When is party? Please to invite me to your glorious village for make happy borscht together at table of your roomy living. Thanks to invite. I say yes!!

On 15/6/07 , Annette Lyon said...

Too cute! What a sweet virtual celebration.

I tried responding to your email, but it bounced--three times. I'll call you next week. :)

On 18/6/07 , Luisa Perkins said...

Kara, you know I'm all over your birthday.

Nfam, right back atcha!

Borat, it's such an honor. You're welcome any time. :)