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•5:30 PM

Blogging, ah wish ah could quit yew.

I've been thinking a lot lately about why I do this blog thing. Maybe I'm having a bit of an identity crisis; I'm not sure. The few blogs I read regularly seemed to be divided into two types (with a fair amount of overlap): the Chroniclers and the Thinkers.

The Chroniclers I enjoy are knitters, writers, or foodies (or all three); their progress on their respective projects reinvigorates my attitude towards my own creative efforts.

I can divide the Thinkers into two subcategories: the Funny Gals and the Brainiacs--and then there's one who has her own subcategory, since she is a Funny Brainiac.

As I look over my posts, it appears that I am a Chronicler. I wish I were a Brainiac, and maybe I would try to be one if I didn't have these other writing thingies I'm trying to do. But I just don't have enough Writing Energy Units (WEUs) to go around.

The posts of my own that I like best are those which consume the most WEUs. As a mother of five with too many obsessions and a distractingly handsome husband, I have to have a little self-discipline and conserve my precious few WEUs for use on my novels--both of which I had hoped to have finished several months ago.

I put in my $0.02 on a poll another blogger was taking recently on why bloggers blog. I answered that I blog a) to warm up for other writing; b) to keep a sort of a journal; and c) to keep friends and relatives up to date on life at the Perkins Corral. I think a fourth reason is emerging: d) to connect with a few other people whom I know solely through their own blogs. I know that purposes a) and b) are being fulfilled reasonably well for me; I'm not so sure about c) and d). (Hint: if you all would leave a comment once in a while, I'd have a better sense on this last point. It's really not hard to do, and I'd appreciate it.)

But I wonder: is this blog the best use of my time? I know it is not coming close to hitting any of the lofty aims I put forth in my very first post, but is it adding any joy or light to the world? I'm not sure; I guess I'll have to go do some more pondering.
Amendment posted 3/29/2007:
1) RJLight is not just 'another blogger.' She is another funny blogger. Hence the title of her blog. And why I go back for more nearly every day.
2) Many of the Chroniclers do Think, and vicey versey. Same goes for the Brainiacs and the Funny Gals. Good grief; I can't include you all in every category! That would defeat the purpose of the categories!
3) Everyone feeling better now?
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On 27/3/07 , PEZmama said...

Awwww, shucks.

I'd say something intelligent, but I sent it all to you via e-mail.

Thanks for the linkage!

On 28/3/07 , Julie Q. said...

I can relate to this post on so many levels. I spend too many WEUs on my blog writing too. I even spend too many WEUs on thinking up comments for other people's blogs which is why I'm somewhat stingy in that department. Sorry.

I liked your list of reasons why you blog. I can agree with each of them and I'd probably put them in exactly the same order.

On 28/3/07 , Jenna said...

Yes, you're flooding the world with light! Don't you dare go anywhere! Stop pondering and keep writing!

On 28/3/07 , Luisa Perkins said...

Jennamygirl, I'll pay ya later.

On 28/3/07 , Amanda1 said...

I know for me that I blog for all the reasons listed. I recently put a hit counter on my blog (about a week ago) and have 500 or so hits. Some people just lurk/read, and don't necessarily comment. I am a comment-er. I want the blog author to know that I enjoy the post, so to me it is a courtesy. Plus, I have made many new friends in the last few months!

Keep at it. I now it is discouraging to not get comments, but it is enjoyable to more people than you think! :-)

On 28/3/07 , rjlight said...

Well, I left a comment earlier, but it must have been lost in the mail or in translation. I am impressed that you are writing novels! wow! You inspire me to keep at it and maybe I will have a clip or two! But a book--no! I know blogging is very time consuming, but it does keep me writing even when the rejections come...and I appreciate your blogging--you encourage me!

On 29/3/07 , rjlight said...

thanks for the amendment--the "other blogger" sounded so mysterious though...

On 1/4/07 , Christie said...

No, no! Please don't go! Stay out and play with us...kindred sort of spirits are too valuable to lose. A smile-per-blog-post is also too valuable to lose...and that's something I can count on when I come here.