Author: Luisa Perkins
•10:14 AM
1) How does she do it? I don't understand how Hope makes pigtails look far more runway model than Little House. (Perhaps it's the faux leopard collar on the sweater Carmen brought her from England.) She's just so gorgeous, gushed the completely objective mother.

Hope's Irish Dance recital was very exciting last Saturday. Hope has only been taking lessons for a couple of months, but she and the other beginners did very well during their three-minute performance.

The three-hour recital was quite the interesting introduction for this mom into the world of junior Riverdance wannabes (and their parents--oy vey iz mir). For one thing, I don't really understand the concept of the dance wig. Especially not the team wig. The tiaras, I get. But if anyone can enlighten me on the wig whys and wherefores, I'd be grateful.

All befuddlement aside, there were a lot of very talented and experienced kids up on that stage. Hope's dance school is apparently quite prominent in the close-knit world of Irish dancing, and for good reason. Many of the numbers were a genuine thrill. Hope came away very inspired.

2) Memorable quote from Tess this past Sunday: "My favorite kind of dog is puppies." Indeed. Tess's surgery is this Thursday; we so appreciate your prayers and well wishes on her behalf.

3) I so wish you could see Daniel's dance interpretation of Diego's 'Rescue Pack' song. It is entertainment of the highest order. Especially when he is wearing his footie pajamas with the lobsters all over them.

4) James has got himself a bran-new blog. He'll be posting the thrilling details of Saturday's (Little League) Mets vs. Dodgers game very soon.

5) Christian is going to start a fencing class. He had it in his mind that it wasn't going to be very hard, saying something like, "It's just waving skinny swords around." I hastened to disabuse him of that notion.

I took a fencing class in college; I will never forget the first day of instruction. We practiced forward lunges for a solid 45 minutes. BYU alumni, you'll get this part of the story. There are about a million (okay, maybe 150) steps up the hill from the Richards Building (gym) to the Maeser Building (where my next class was). It took me at least ten minutes to get up that flight of stairs. I thought my quads were going to explode. I don't care how carefree Errol Flynn and 007 make it look; fencing ain't easy, son.

6) Goldberry has been much more docile and easygoing about feeding times since we took her off her diet. Instead of waking me up at 4:43 a.m., she deigns to wait until 5:58.

7) Patrick is working hard down in the Bat Cave. I discovered a new treat for him yesterday: Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Cone. It's an American version of Patrick's childhood love: the cornet (non-Francophiles: think 'drumstick'). Which reminds me: today is B&J's annual Free Cone Day!

8) It's a good thing Melissa didn't peek through the garage doors when she came to pick up the milk pails this morning, because I was giving my all as I lip-synched my way through the Communards' "Don't Leave Me This Way" while finishing my workout on the dreadmill. (AaahhhhhhhhhHHHHHH, Baby! My heart is full of love and desire for you!) That song makes me want to run as fast as I can no matter how tired I am. Maybe I should put it on again right now to get myself psyched up to go and do some laundry.
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On 18/4/07 , Adriana Velez said...

Yipes, lots of good vibes to Tess!

On 18/4/07 , bubandpie said...

Puppies are my favourite kind of dog too.

On 18/4/07 , Christie said...

What a fun family...I'm quite sure that there's never a dull moment in your house!

On 18/4/07 , rjlight said...

I sure hope you ate one for me! (the cone at Ben & Jerry's)

On 19/4/07 , Melissa said...

I so wish that I had peeked through the window. I need to see someone else dying while running.