Author: Luisa Perkins
•12:48 PM

The fabric and patterns for our pioneer costumes arrived today. I've never bought fabric online before, and I'm pleased to say that the gamble paid off. I HATE shopping in general; the thought of lugging a frisky almost-three-year-old to a fabric store so that I could spend hours trying find some inexpensive calico was more than I could bear.

I found a discount online store during naptime, crossed my fingers, and chose fabrics I hoped would match based on the on-screen swatches. I didn't pay more than $3 per yard for any of them, which was great. Even better, the fabrics really do coordinate in real life (I put my fledgeling shawl on top in the photo, because it matches, too). Serendipitous internet!

Now I need to get cracking on the actual sewing part. I'm looking forward to trying these old-fashioned patterns.

Also in mail news: Lori sent me the most lovely handmade cards today. Thank you! I'm putting together a little reciprocal package for her--very fun stuff.

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On 2/4/07 , rjlight said...

I don't understand how you have time to blog, write novels, knit, sew, garden--do you milk the cows and paint the barn too? :)

On 2/4/07 , PEZmama said...

Aw, now see? I didn't want you to go and do that! Really, you don't need to send anything.

On 2/4/07 , Amanda1 said...

Can't wait to see how these costumes turn out! You've already begun this challenge by making the clothes yourself. Very cool and brave!

I am with you... no way do I bring my 3 y.o. son to a yarn shop!

On 2/4/07 , Christie said...

Pioneer costumes - awesome. This pioneer adventure sounds so fun...I have always loved all things Little House on the Prairie - the exploration of the west and the lifestyle that went along with it is fascinating to me. (I still have this secret wish to someday live in a dugout near Plum Creek. At least for a couple of days. :))I hope that we'll hear all about your back-in-time travels!

On 2/4/07 , Luisa Perkins said...

Pez, I'm so excited; you can't deny me the pleasure!