Author: Luisa Perkins
•5:05 PM

For information on hair donation to those in need, visit Locks of Love.
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On 13/11/08 , Kimberly said...

Oh wow...the short do looks so sweet on her! Love it! A great reward for doing something so generous.

On 14/11/08 , SydneyMin said...

She looks so cute! What a great experience for her.

On 14/11/08 , painted maypole said...

oh her cut is so cute!

someone was doing this when I was getting my hair cut just the other day!

On 14/11/08 , 2manyboyz said...

Your heart must be swelling with pride at her generosity. Job well done, Mama.
Her new hair looks adorable, too!!

On 27/11/08 , Goofball said...

Gosh, she looks so cute with the hair cut off. I like it a lot more than the long hair.

There's currently a big publicity campaign in Belgium too to donate your hair to a similar organisation.