Author: Luisa Perkins
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Virgin of the Rocks, Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

New Birth
(For N.)

In the snow, a Lily blooms,
Its warmth belies the frost;
It waits for one to shelter it
Regardless of the cost.
Through the mist, its fragrance swells
And softens winter's air;
Breathe it in, and learn the way
To Heaven's gardens fair.

In the gloom, a candle burns,
Though brightly, all unseen;
It lights the way to happiness
For those with eyes more keen.
Through the storm, that beacon shines
With beams of radiant gold;
Follow it, not looking back,
And haven safe behold.

In the waste, a fountain springs
Though bracken thorns conceal;
The rocky path is worth the pain
The parch├Ęd soul to heal.
Through the drought, this river flows
Its water, living grace;
Come, drink of it, and find anew
Home's compassing embrace.

The seeds, yet deep, will bear.
And soon the hour when forth will flow'r
Their gifts, so fine and rare.

Every heart's a broken circle that longs to be complete.

--Luisa Perkins, b. 1966

The verses above are actually lyrics to a song I wrote with my friend D. Fletcher; I wrote it to mark the occasion of the adoption of a lovely little girl by two of our best friends.

Since Blogger won't allow straight audio clips, I've made a little movie with some semi-random photos. Jeff Hardy is singing, along with Jonathan Austin and another tenor whose name I don't know. D. is accompanying. I hope you enjoy it.
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On 9/12/08 , Annette Lyon said...

Two thoughts:

1) Post first comes up, I see the painting and think, "How sad that I'm so culturally illiterate that the only place I've seen that painting before is while reading The da Vinci Code (which I know you hate) and Googling all the paintings.

2) After reading the poem: "Whoa. Back the trolley up. Did that say Luisa wrote it?" Reread. Re-enjoy. Be impressed, because I can't write poetry to save myself.

On 9/12/08 , Heidi Ashworth said...

Umm, what Annette said, exactly. Except that I can sorta write poetry. Not like you, though! Beautiful! So glad you shared this!

On 9/12/08 , 2manyboyz said...

Oh, Luisa. That's beautiful! You have such a talent for poetry and it translated brilliantly to song.

Thank you so much for sharing.

On 9/12/08 , Jenna Consolo said...

I played this song (a copy you sent me years ago) for my kids last week and bragged about you. I LOVE this song, Luisa. I've listened to it over and over in my car for the last several weeks and just get swept away in it every time.

On 9/12/08 , Kimberly said...

I love you.

I just do.

On 9/12/08 , Anonymous said...

Three verses. For me, the first describes the young child needing a family; the second is the journey of the adoptive parents to find her; the third foretells her journey, inviting her to find her home. In all, a prayer in words and music which appeals to us in its beauty, and I'm sure also moves the angels guiding the parents and the child.