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Josi, author of the great suspense novel Sheep's Clothing, has tagged me for the 10 Random Facts meme. I think memes are great fun, but in preparation for answering this one, I had to go back and scan all of my previous meme posts (tagged "Dancing with Myself," in case you were wondering), because I've done a few of these in the year I've been blogging regularly, and I hate the thought of repeating myself. After reading them over, I'm convinced that any regular reader of this blog knows just about everything there is to know about me. But let's try to scrape the bottom of the barrel and see what we find:

1. In my opinion, bell peppers besmirch, befoul, and generally ruin anything and everything they touch.

2. Geniuses I admire include Alice Waters, Rhonda Vincent, and Abu-Rayhan al Biruni.

3. I've committed to reading The Bible in 90 days as of January 2nd along with Pezmama (who explains the program beautifully in this post) and some other fine people. Let me know if you'd like to join us; there's room in the group at the moment.

4. I like the thermostat in my car to read either '68,' '70,' or '72.' Odd numbers in digital temperature readouts (except for numbers ending in '5') really bug me.

5. I'm a big fan of the Harvard comma.

6. I can't wait to see I Am Legend. And not just for Will Smith's much-touted pull-up scene, either (though I won't be averting my eyes).

7. I don't like extra virgin olive oil; I find its strong taste overpowering most of the time. I prefer regular olive oil. Or butter.

8. Half-finished books in a pile beside my bed include James Dashner's The 13th Reality: The Journal of Curious Letters; Kelly Link's Magic for Beginners; Doris Lessing's The Golden Notebook; Fred Hoyle's October the First is Too Late; Kim Stanley Robinson's Sixty Days and Counting; and Angela Carter's The Magic Toyshop. I plan to finish all of these by the end of the year.

9. There are other half-finished books in my pile, but one I know I won't be finishing this year is Remembrance of Things Past. I do plan to finish re-reading it eventually, and maybe someday even updating my poor, neglected second blog, Tea and Madeleines. But that will have to wait until after the 25th.

10. This is the first year I've been successful at keeping a list of all the books I've read. I've tried this for many years, but I usually start forgetting to write them down by about March. I've read 59 as of today; if I finish the six listed above, I'll be up to 65. My goal for the year was 80. Oh, well; maybe next year.

Now I must tag 10 of you. Shall we go with Alice, Torie, Mary, Goofball, Jon, Kim, Brillig, Anjmae, Jenna, and Catherine? Do let's.
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On 17/12/07 , Christine said...

I never knew you had a thing against bell peppers! hmmmm.
I completely agree with #4!
Glad to have you "back", posting that is.

On 17/12/07 , Kimberly said...

Bell peppers are gross. I ordered pasta on a first date once and it was full of them. I picked around them and was miserable over it.

Love the randomness! I'll put this in my meme bank as it's one of my favourite kinds to do.

Oh, and I've no idea what a meme bank is. I just made it up.

On 17/12/07 , Alice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
On 17/12/07 , Alice said...

I think that we should go see I am Legend together, because Sis Montez says that after I go see it, Will Smith will be at the top of my "Cutest Guys In Hollywood" list (Disclaimer: I have no such list). I may have to create said list just so that Will can be on top, though.

I am much obliged. I need to think of some random things...which shouldn't be hard since random is my middle name. :D

P.S: Sorrie about that deleeted comment, i mad a gramaticle erorr but i wanted to fix it.

On 17/12/07 , PEZmama said...

I love, love, love the peppers.

I have been happily using the Harvard comma ever since I learned it from Mrs. McFeeley in my 5th grade English class. It wasn't until now that I learned it was called the Harvard comma, but I am happy to be informed because, clearly, the fact that I call 13 books in one year a personal record pretty much guarantees that this silly comma is the closest I will ever get to Harvard.

On 17/12/07 , Annette Lyon said...

If there were any doubt whatsoever that you're a kindred spirit, #4 and #5 clinch it. (I swear I get a rash when that Harvard comma is missing.)

I've been keeping a book list every year for some time. I didn't get as much done this year as I had hoped (I'm at 52 right now), but if I finish all the 1/2 read ones by Dec 31, that'll make 59.

On 17/12/07 , Maddy said...

Well that's one of the reasons that I love to read these memes for all those little tell tale give away clues!
Best wishes

On 17/12/07 , bubandpie said...

I'm the same way about numbers - even numbers all the way, except for the 5's.

On 17/12/07 , anjmae said...

Ah, ten random things. I shall oblige, as I have been told I am random at best...what does that mean?!?
I too detest bell peppers...perhaps it runs in the family. And the numbers thing? If I am on the treadmill, I cannot get off until the numbers end on 5s or zeros--like, 5.25 miles with a time ending in 5 or zero. Go figure.

On 18/12/07 , painted maypole said...

oh, i love bell peppers!

and the bible in 90 days? that is ambitious! Good luck!

On 18/12/07 , Heffalump said...

Okay...I have been sick due to pregnancy and out of the loop, but when I went to check today I noticed that you are not on the buzz anymore...
Does that mean no more Holly Place for me ever? sniff, sniff.
Anyhow...I hope all is well with you.

On 18/12/07 , deb said...

bell peppers? even the red and yellow ones?! if you tried my artichoke and red pepper pizza, i bet you would change your mind. i make a base that's a blend of artichokes, garlic, mayo, and red pepper flakes. you puree it and spread that on a whole wheat boboli. cover it with sauteed red peppers and top with feta and ground thyme. it rocks.

On 18/12/07 , Goofball said...

I just learned what bell peppers and the harvard comma are. I love the first and I have always learned that the latter is a grammatical error (at least it is in Dutch).

59 books, wow, you are amazing. When do you find time to do your household and write and blog?

thanks for tagging me...I'll keep it for a moment without inspiration!

On 18/12/07 , Jenna said...

Don't be modest, there is always more to you! I'm flattered to be tagged, but....when Josi tagged you, she also tagged Annette....who beat you to the punch and tagged me. I would play again, but I have to do my 100 List soon!

On 18/12/07 , Catherine said...

Augh! I'm very honored by the tag but must confess...Having done my five things, and seven thing, I've been tagged recently for eight things and now ten! That's a lot of things! :)

On 19/12/07 , jean cocteau said...

Scraping? Nonsense. You are endlessly fascinating, my dear. And amazing, I hasten to add. 60+ books? (From a dead stop in my virtual tracks): The irony for me is that the one book I DID read/finish in 07 is Swann's Way - via prompt from your autre blog.

On 20/12/07 , Anonymous said...

You don't like bell peppers? They are good in omelettes...but they have to be fried in a pan first.

I have too many unfinished books...but not as many as you.

Good luck on the Bible in 90 days thing.

On 20/12/07 , Jen of A2eatwrite said...

As usual, I learned from your post. I'm embarrassed to say I wasn't familiar with the extent of Al-Biruni's works. And I can't believe how many books you've read. You scare me, sometimes. ;-)

On 22/12/07 , Anonymous said...

I love bell peppers. Our son went to see 'I Am Legend' with his friends last weekend, he didn't like the ending. I am too cheap to by extra virgin olive oil so I buy the regular and use butter for some things also. Good luck in finishing your books by the end of the year. I finished three this year. One for me in a weekend, and two I read to the kids.

On 27/12/07 , Torie of the War Hammer said...

I love number four. Sometime a reckless mood will take over, and I'll set my alarm at :47 just to live life on the edge.
The Harvard comma has been my friend a long time. I've had a few "heated discussions" with teachers in defence of it's usage.

On 29/1/08 , Goofball said...

you are not going to believe it, but I just played this meme :-). Better late than never, right?