Author: Luisa Perkins
•3:44 PM
Thank you to everyone who participated in my Book Naming Contest. I'm sorry to have taken so long to decide on a title, but it was a three-way tie in my mind for quite a long time. Many of you had terrific ideas, and every comment made me smile.

The tie was broken when I decided to combine two submissions, which means there are two winners who will each receive formal acknowledgment in the book and her own signed copy.

The lucky winners are:

Charrette! and Deb!

And the title of my forthcoming cookbook is:

Comfortably Yum: Food for Body and Spirit

My goal is to finish up the publishing details on Friday; I'll let you know as soon as the book is ready to ship!
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On 29/10/08 , deb said...

(pumping my fist)

i'm so competitive. it is NOT my most attractive feature.

can't wait to see it, luisa, and taste all the wonders within.

On 29/10/08 , Jenna Consolo said...

oooooh, love it! Can't wait!

On 29/10/08 , Kimberly said...

Yay! Someone I know and love is one of the winners! Love the melding of names. Makes me feel warm and cozy just reading it.

On 30/10/08 , Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I really can't wait til you're up and running, Luisa! And what a perfect title!

On 31/10/08 , Brillig said...

Hey. There's NO WAY that title is better than the ones I suggested. Oh wait... it totally is. :-D Congrats on finding a title, and congrats to Charrette and Deb.

I can't wait to get the book!

On 31/10/08 , painted maypole said...

that's a great title!

On 6/11/08 , Goofball said...

awesome title