Author: Luisa Perkins
•9:06 AM

Doh! That crafty Michael Pollan has done it again. I've been working on a long musing on how I believe that we as a society should get back to enjoying food for its own sake. Then I open up The New York Times last Sunday, and what's featured on the cover of the Magazine? Yes, another stunning and beautifully written article by my idol of journalism, saying everything I was going to say--only far more articulately.

You may remember that Pollan's book The Omnivore's Dilemma made my Top Ten Books of 2006 list (and many other top lists as well). His research is great, but his writing is even better: funny, insightful, lyrical; never pompous, condescending, or jargon-heavy. I'd love to meet him someday, although I'm sure that I'd behave exactly the way I did when I met Brent Spiner backstage at the Broadway revival of 1776. Patrick chortles with glee every time he remembers it. No, I won't recount it again. Suffice it to say that the sentence "I'm a big fan of your work" is declaimed in worshipful tones whenever it appears that I need teasing.

Another great book on food that I read last year is Nina Planck's Real Food. I emailed Nina after I read it; she agreed to come up and speak at a house party chez nous. Now that the renovation is done and the holidays are over, I need to contact her again and get our schedules together.

Speaking of real food, Tess had her turn at CIA Night last Saturday. What a champ! She grated two whole blocks of cheese for her chosen recipe: Dang Quesadillas. I'm happy to report that no knuckles were sacrificed to the cause; the other kids were in awe of her grating skills. Everyone's geared up for February's sessions. Christian will be trying his hand at Chicken Enchiladas (the famous recipe that prompted a proposal from Patrick); James is trying to choose between Bouillabaisse and lobster (can we afford him?); and Hope and Tess are still deciding.
*Hope: Mom, why don't 'food' and 'good' rhyme?
Me: [Long lecture on the evolution of English phonology.]
Hope: Umm, thanks, Mom. Can I have a snack?
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