Author: Luisa Perkins
•10:00 PM

Even living in sheet rock dust with a plywood kitchen, I was able to be somewhat creative in October. We shopped early for the pattern and material for Tess's mermaid costume; it came together pretty well (don't tell her that I sewed the cockleshell purse upside down). I also bottled some pickled spiced crabapples--mmm--can't wait to have them at dinner on Christmas Eve!

Way back in January, I agreed to create a Christmas card for sale through MAG. I'm glad I committed early, because the card was due in the fall, and without the commitment, it probably would not have happened. What an honor it was to be included in a catalog featuring talented artists like Ultra Violet, Valerie Atkisson, and others. I love being associated with this terrific group.

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On 21/12/06 , Anonymous said...

It's 1:30am. I got up for a drink and had to check email. This was, as I can now see, inspired. Thank you for the notice that you had added to the blog! I was so excited, that I couldn't go back to bed until I had studied every bit. I am now, gratefully, inspired by you and anticipating some terrific dreams for the rest of the night. (provided, of course, that Conor continues to sleep!)

Nobody "does" life like you, dear one. I want to be just like you someday! And I'd like one of those hats for each of my children, please.