Author: Luisa Perkins
•7:21 PM
I recently sold a short story called "Dodmen and the Holophusikon," and it is now available as a FREE podcast on the website of the e-zine

The story is 'steampunk,' a subgenre of science fiction in which the setting is an 'alternate history' world--in this case, a Victorian England which has developed computer technology powered by steam engines. If that weren't weird enough, the main characters are all mammals. Talking mammals, even.

I would be so delighted if this new start-up e-zine were flooded by responses (hopefully positive) to the story. The pay wasn't much, but I am very happy to have the publishing credit.

Would you be willing to take a few minutes and listen? Here's the link:

And if any of you would like to blog about the story and link to it, I'd be forever in your debt. Really. Throughout eternity.

Thank you so much!
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On 30/8/08 , Lilacspecs said...

You're back you're back!!!! I missed you!!

On 30/8/08 , Kimberly said...

I am so excited to listen to this! The computer is a little too close to the bedrooms though so I need to wait till the kiddos are up so I don't wake them.

And then I need to wait till they're otherwise engaged so I can devote some time to it.

Hmm...maybe it's time for a daddy/daughter date...

So excited!

On 30/8/08 , Jenna Consolo said...

Can't wait to listen! Any ballpark figure on how long it is? That will determine when I can listen, since I want to hear it in its entirety.

On 31/8/08 , Chris said...

@Jenna the story is 18:57 in length.

On 31/8/08 , Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm on it a little later today...

And of COURSE I'll blog about it. Just focusing on NOLA at this moment.

I'm so delighted, though - completely, totally, madly, indelibly.

Yes, Ms. GramFasc, I know I stretched definitions. ;-)

On 2/9/08 , Anonymous said...

Congrats to you. I'll give this a listen and also a mention on my blog. Yay Steampunk!

On 14/9/08 , MaryKay said...

I curious if Steampod would be willing to do another reading with you as the Narator ... I love to listen to things read by the author.