Author: Luisa Perkins
•9:22 PM

Daniel asked for a hat, which coincided nicely with my new resolve to knit down that stash in the attic. This stripy number is some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran leftover from a yoked Fair Isle sweater I knit for myself a couple of years ago. I think I still have enough left for one more hat; I may make a spare to have in the hall closet, just in case.

Hope begged in on the photo shoot; I acquiesced, since her hat hadn't been published yet.
Question: Is Daniel this happy all the time? Answer: Yes, actually--pretty much.
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On 5/2/07 , Carmen said...

fabulous hats! i love the malabrigo. penelope carries it, right? i still haven't found a source for it in london. i love the pattern you're using too. the cabled band looks great. can you post some more complete photos of the kitchen and other rooms that were renovated? i'm dying to see. although from the glimpses i've had in the photos so far it all looks great!